Quickly Enhance Your Image with These 5 Tutorialized Photoshop Tools

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Fine-Tune Your Photos
BY Steve ON 30 Apr 2021

Quickly Enhance Your Image with These 5 Tutorialized Photoshop Tools

Do you feel frustrated when your camera cannot capture the desired picture that you envisioned in your head? Don’t worry. It happens to even the best of us. That’s why more and more people want to opt for the basics PhotoShop tutorial and enhance your captured photos with specialized tools. Try these 5 adjustment tools in Photoshop that can improve the quality of your image fivefold.

5 Adjustment Tools to Enhance the Quality of an Image

  1. Adjust the Imagine Tone: Adjusting the tone of your desired image massively improves the quality of the picture. You can tweak the tonal range with a slider by going to image>Adjustments>Levels.
  2. Increase Vibrancy: To increase the intensity of muted colors, go to image>Adjustments>Vibrance and move the slider to get the best results. To increase the intensity of all colors, calibrate the Saturation slider.
  3. Remove Dark Spots: Most pictures contain unwanted spots and marks, which can easily be removed by the Spot Healing Brush tool. To do that, go to the tools bar, choose Spot Healing Brush, and apply it to spots.
  4. Area-Specific Sharpening: To make the image pop-up more in certain areas, select the Sharpen Tool, set strength to 50%, and repeatedly brush in low-opacity.
  5. Dodge and Burn: To lighten or darken the selected area of a photo, choose Dodge and Burn tool, set the range to Midtones, and apply it.

Do More with More Flexible Tools

Sometimes simple tools like Brightness/Contrast don’t do the proper job when fine-tuning is required. To have much better control, Photoshop offers the Curves tool, which can produce extra contrast by brightening the highlights and darkening the shadows. Create an S-Curve by adding a central point on the diagonal curve. Then drag up the upper part, and drag down the lower part. Apply these adjustments with these amazing tutorialized Photoshop tools to enhance your photos quickly.