Interesting Photoshop Applications in Daily Life

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BY Steve ON 03 Nov 2022

Interesting Photoshop Applications in Daily Life

Adobe Photoshop is the most well-known and widely used program in the world of photo editing. The name itself has become a verb, where everyone knows that to “photoshop” an image means to enhance and manipulate it. Virtually all images in magazines, on websites and many on social media have been photoshopped

Photoshop as an Everyday Tool

Real estate agents frequently use Photoshop in the marketing of their properties. If the house being photographed is empty of furnishings, different household items can be added using Photoshop, like a fridge, couch and bed, all with the proper dimensions, to help customers better visualize the scale and potential of the space.

Fashion designers and marketers can easily edit the colour of clothing items on a photo, and add or take away accessories. Customers look through the pictures of a dress and can see all available colours, whereas the model only wore one dress in the photoshoot. Wedding photographers remove unsightly objects, like fire hydrants, from an otherwise timeless photo.

The Grass is Always Greener on Photoshop

Over-manipulated images of perfect vacations and beach-ready bodies do abound at the moment and tend to cast a negative light on Photoshop. Being aware of the abuse of Photoshop can help us look past those unrealistic images and accept Photoshop as the invaluable tool that it is for people from many different professions.