Photoshop Tutorials How To Remove Backgrounds

Photoshop Tutorials How To Remove Backgrounds

We all aim to take the perfect photos, but sometimes, that just doesn’t happen. It could be due to several things, starting with the type of camera, the wrong kind of lighting, or even the fact that your background isn’t very presentable. The first two issues can get sorted quickly by changing the camera you’re shooting with and choosing to either use artificial or natural lighting, depending on your setting.

With photography, however, you’ll notice that background issues tend to be one of the most prominently experienced since it’s not every day you’ll come across the perfect backdrop to snap a spur of the moment shot.

Reasons To Remove Backgrounds With Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorials How To Remove Backgrounds

Background concerns are varied, ranging from having a neat setup that doesn’t match the mood of the photo you’re taking to having a messy backdrop that completely ruins your picture. A fitting example of the former option is when you need to upload an image for official purposes but don’t want it to be apparent that your picture is from a social event rather than a photo studio. That is when learning from Photoshop tutorials on how to remove backgrounds comes in very useful.

If you have such pictures, then Photoshop tutorials on how to remove backgrounds can help you fix those problems. With just a few tweaks in the right place, you can flawlessly remove background with Photoshop. Learning how to resize an image on photoshop will also ensure your finished image fits the necessary dimensions.

Photoshop Tutorials How To Remove Backgrounds For Beginners

How to remove & change an image background

For this guide, we will be using the Adobe CC version. However, you can make these changes with any Adobe Photoshop version from CS5 and upwards.

Open your Adobe application and upload the image you’re modifying. You’ll come across several different Photoshop tutorials on how to remove backgrounds here, based on your level of experience with Photoshop. However, this guide works with beginner-level tools to introduce you to Photoshop’s easiest way to the removal of backgrounds.

Use The Quick Selection,

On the application, you’ll find the various editing tools along the left of the screen. Choose the Quick Selection Tool, then select the option with a ‘+’ next to it at the top of the screen. Hold down your keyboard’s shift button and move your mouse over the image to select what you want to remove.


quick selection tool - removing backgrounds

Using The Magic Wand Or Lasso Tools

Removing backgrounds -Magic lasso - Photoshop tutorials

To use the Magic Wand, you’ll need an image with a relatively plain background to give you an easy time. The more the background detail, the more work and tools necessary to make the expected changes. Alternatively, you could use the Lasso tool. With this, you’ll be selecting what you want to keep rather than the background areas you’d like gone.

Once you finish making your selection with the Magic Wand or Quick Selection tools, right-click and choose ‘Select Inverse’ to remove the background. This step isn’t necessary if you used the Lasso tool. We hope you found our beginner’s Photoshop tutorials on how to remove backgrounds interesting. Please email us if you have any comments or questions.