Photoshop Filters for Beginners

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Photoshop Filters
BY Steve ON 17 Sep 2021

Photoshop Filters for Beginners

As a beginner to photoshop, you might be wondering what filters are. A photoshop filter is an algorithm that changes how an image appears after all the editing is complete. While photoshop filters have different functions, they enhance the picture’s final look when used properly. Our photoshop tutorials will cover a few things you can learn about photoshop filters.

Types of Photoshop Filters

This photoshop tutorial has vital information that you would need as an editor, from blur filters to noise filters.

  1. Blur Filters: There are different kinds of blur filters. Some of them are box, blur more, Gaussian blur, lens, and motion blur. What you should know about this filter is that it helps to reduce the noise around the lines and sharp edges in an image and smoothens their transition.
  2. Average Filter: You might notice a predominant colour in the image you are working on. That colour is called average. What the average filter does is fill a selection with that particular colour to blend properly.
  3. Noise Filters: Noise is described as pixels without similar colours in an image. The function of noise filters is to take care of those colours by removing or reducing them. A noise filter can also add noise to an image.
  4. Distort Filters. The function of the distort filter is to add effects to the image you are editing. Distort filters do not blend or blur. It just moves the pixels around until you get your desired effect. Some of the distorted filter features include ripple, wave, displace, twirl, and zig-zag effects.

The Magic of Photoshop

There is no real magic to Photoshop. You simply need to understand your filters and their various functions. Sufficient mastery of photoshop filters would help you create stunning effects such as a perfect blue sky or hand-drawn image. You can learn more about filters here or by watching tutorials on YouTube. The possibilities are limitless for those who are willing to learn.