Photoshop Brushes

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Photoshop Brushes
BY Steve ON 16 Oct 2021

Photoshop Brushes

As an artist using Photoshop, it’s important to know about the brushes and tools to paint images. Photoshop brushes allow you to paint in many ways, from choosing a tip shape to selecting various cool effects. From the many Photoshop tutorials across the internet, our guide is one that’s simple and easy to help you get started using the brushes in your designs.

How To Install A Photoshop Brush

The first thing you need to do is choose and download a set of brushes from Photoshop, which you’ll see as .abr files. Once you’ve downloaded the file, click and open the zip file. You can drag the .abr file to your Photoshop window or install it from the menu bar.

From the menu bar, click Edit, then Presets, and then Preset Manager. The Preset Manager window will pop up where you’ll see different brush tips. From there, click Load to add your brushes. It’s that simple! Once the brushes are installed, click “B” and select the brush you want to use.

How To Use A Photoshop Brush

After selecting your preferred Photoshop brushes, you’re ready to start painting. A single click will make a single brush stroke. You can also hold and drag the left mouse button to create the effect you want. The brush is customisable as you can change its size, shape, flow and opacity.