Fisheye lens

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Fisheye Lens
BY Steve ON 21 Feb 2022

Fisheye lens

The fisheye lens is used to create a strong visual disfigurement that is intended to be used in creating a broad, panoramic, circular image. This lens produces exceptionally wide views. If you aren’t in possession of a fisheye lens, you can easily photoshop images to give the same effect.

Create a Fisheye Lens Effect Using Photoshop

There are only a few easy steps to recreating the Fisheye lens effect in Photoshop. The first step would be to open the image you’d like to add this effect to in photoshop. You will then need to crop your image using the Crop tool and ensure your image’s main focus point is centred.

Next, you need to take your ‘Background’ layer and duplicate it. Select your duplicated layer and go to the following: Filter>Distort>Spherize. A mesh preview will appear, drag the slider to 100%, and ensure the Mode drop-down is on Normal. Finally, click OK. Your image will now have a Fisheye lens effect. You can then add a border or even a vignette if you’d like.

Why A Fisheye Lens Effect?

The view provided by a fisheye photo is incredibly wide. Fisheye lenses differ from other lenses by determining the composition of the image based on a special map. Convexity, not rectilinearity, is reflected by this. The Fisheye lens gives you the opportunity to explore your creativity and make for great compositions.