Go From 0 to 1: Amazing Tricks For Editing images

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Editing Images
BY Steve ON 21 Feb 2022

Go From 0 to 1: Amazing Tricks For Editing images

Getting the wow out of your image takes more than a great photograph. You need to have fantastic editing skills as well. This guide will show you simple editing techniques you can use to modify your image. Learn how to remove backgrounds sharpen images, adjust contrast and exposure, and white balance images.

Removing Picture Backgrounds And Other Simple Techniques With Microsoft Office

If you are unwilling to spend on premium background removal tools, plenty of cheaper alternatives are available. The best is Microsoft Office’s background removal tool. Insert the image into your Microsoft office (2006 – 2010 not supported), mark the area you wish to keep, and click on picture format/ Format> Remove background. Your picture background should be out in no time.

You can also use sharpen or soften images with Powerpoint. Insert the image into your PowerPoint document, click the Format tab, select corrections, and hover over the sharpen or soften presets. These presets should give you an idea of what you will get. Choose your preferred setting, and voila! Your image is an improved version of itself.

Steps to Editing An Image

The process of editing images usually begins with cropping or resizing your image to your preferred measurement. Once you have straightened and cropped out distractions, spot clean your image. Next, adjust the white balance to erase any unnatural or displeasing colour. White balancing is better done on raw files as they capture more digital data than jpeg. You can then adjust your exposure to make your image as bright or dark as you wish. Editing photos can be fun, and with the proper techniques, you can turn an average photograph into something Insta-worthy.