Y2K Jean Illustration

Y2K Jean Illustration
Categories: Licenses
Brand: Etsy - piczbyabby
Color: Pink
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Ideal for uni bedroom walls, living rooms, hallways, etc! Y2k style Choice of 3 background colours 7.5 inches by 5 inches printed on glossy card - good small size but big enough to see the detail! 4 per print plus 0.80 postage per order, with bundles of 2 for 7 & 3 for 10 available (which means shipping will be 0.80 altogether). These are made to order to avoid wastage so will take around 2 weeks! Disclaimer: this artwork has been created by myself using Adobe Illustrator & printed using a printing company, the illustrations have been based on various imagery found online but I am in no way linked to the people who took these original images! Y2K Jean Illustration