Wrench - Art Print

Wrench - Art Print
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Brand: Etsy - soopticboop
Color: Black
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The print will ship WITHOUT the watermark! The watermark is purely for protection against online art theft! Thank you for understanding! :) Hi everyone! :D This is an A4 printed poster of a digital drawing I did of my favourite video game character of all time. Wrench from the Watch Dogs series! He’s so fun & so bombastic & seeing him again & getting to play as him in Watch Dogs Legion made me SO happy. Getting to learn a little more about him & his heartbreak… well, it broke MY heart too haha Drawn using Photoshop & Wacom Cintiq! Every poster is an original drawing by me. The drawing will be printed on glossed A4 poster paper, & will be mailed in a poster envelope along with a little handwritten thank-you message! :) Thanks for looking! Wrench - Art Print