Wrapped Pearl Stud Earrings

Wrapped Pearl Stud Earrings
Brand: Etsy - UniqueenRKshop
Color: Silver
Size: S
7.68 GBP
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Wrapped pearl stud earrings! Rock this at parties, weddings, birthdays or any other special occasion! We provide you with the most special & iconic designs & the best quality products with unbeatable cheap prices for you to love! Having trouble finding good quality, environmentallly friendly, carefully handmade jewelry. Well ur at the right place. Do your fingers go green, does your skin have rashes, does ur jewelry feel cheap & breaks, well I have the solution to all that! Here are some reasons why my jewelry is perfect for you. Well first of all, the jewelry I make is made with so much love & care. Alot of time & effort is being put into making the perfect jewelry just for you! Second, all the jewelry I make is vegan, cruelty free, good quality & anti-tarnish which means your fingers won’t go green! Third, all my jewelry is trendy & aesthetic. You can find the cutest designs & and so many different type of jewelry for different types of people! Fourth, all my jewelry is very affordable! Everything I make is under 10 euro! Fifth, you will get the best service you can because every order means the world to me & because I have a small business, I can carefully make each & every order of ur choice! And lastly, ur supporting a dream! I want to become the biggest jeweler in the world & you don’t understand how much even one order helps. Its so important & valuable to me & you are putting out good in this world! Materials used~ 20 gauge wire 28 gauge wire Pearl Stoppers Wrapped Pearl Stud Earrings