Tree 2 | Single Tree 17x17 | Unframed Print

Tree 2 | Single Tree 17x17 | Unframed Print
Categories: Photo editing, Editing
Brand: Etsy - risaaqua
Color: Grey
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When people talk about a Tree of Life, what do they see in their mind’s eye, & what does it mean? I envision it here as a fanciful tree that might exist in another plane of reality. Like the kabbalistic Tree of Life, it might be perceived as an archetype of what is possible in life. This print is part of a collection of photo-collage-based prints that I began creating in late 2011. I start with photos I take myself, then combine & alter them in Photoshop. in the past, I had used photography only to document & my worknever as a creative tool. But I began having an overwhelming feeling, as I was looking around, that the images around me were just too beautiful & too intricate to not try to capture them in photos & to use that imagery in my work. I wouldn’t call myself a photographerI feel like more of a collector, picking up images to use in assemblages or collages, as one might collect old postcards or junk. I assemble & alter the images pretty extensively in order to make some kind of statement. I feel as though, in photography & Photoshop, I’ve gotten hold of a new brush, or a whole new toolbox. One 18x18 archival giclee print, numbered, part of an open edition. Professionally printed on Hahnemule Museum Etching fine art paper using Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks. Rolled & shipped in a cardboard tube. What is the difference in quality between a giclee print & a less-expensive laser print? The laser prints look great on their own, & for the very low price they can’t be beat. Giclee prints like this one, however, in addition to being archival (kept out of direct sunshine, they should stay brilliant for a lifetime), are sharper, clearer, & more saturated with color. The surface of the paper is slightly textured & similar to watercolor paper, as opposed to the smooth matte finish of the paper we use for our laser prints. Tree 2 | Single Tree 17x17 | Unframed Print