Swirl Thumb Ring Finger Simple Dainty - Minimalist -Gold -Silver -sterling

Swirl Thumb Ring Finger Simple Dainty - Minimalist -Gold -Silver -sterling
Brand: Etsy - ChapmanJewelry
Color: Gold
Size: custom
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For Thumb Rings, two sizes larger than your ring finger is accurate 80% of the time RING SIZING METHOD Measure your Thumb/Finger using a string or Dental Floss With a piece of string or dental floss, wrap it snugly but not tight at the part of the thumb/finger where you want the ring to lay & mark it where the ends meet. Lay your measured string on the mm side of a ruler & get a mm measurement. Look up your size on the chart below. For THUMBS most people wear between a size 8 10 54 millimeters = size 7 56 millimeters = size 7.5 57millimeters = size 8 58 millimeters = size 8.5 60 millimeters = size 9 61 millimeters = size 9.5 62 millimeters = size 10 64 millimeters = size 10.5 65 millimeters = size 11 66 millimeters = size 11.5 67 millimeters = size 12 There is just something classy yet edgy about wearing a Thumb Ring. It is such an attractive compliment to your hand, & really polishes off your look. Whether the tiniest minimalist ring is your look or a dramatic ring layer or thick bold ring, once you wear a Thumb Ring you will never go back! We use only the finest of metals to make our Thumb & finger rings, 14K Gold Filled or Sterling Silver. Each ring is hand made for you to enjoy a fantastic fit. Our 40 years of experience in the Thumb Ring business makes us a masterclass in this field. & on top of it, we love pleasing our customers . Included in your order: FREE PLASTIC RING SIZER $3.00 value GIFT BOx & pretty pink dot paper wrap INSTRUCTIONS for a perfect fit RESIZE CARD in case you missized & need to exchange WE OFFER EASY RING SIZE/ExCHANGES on our rings in case you PURCHASED THE WRONG SIZE. Rings need to be in unworn, brand new condition. You pay the shipping to get the ring back to us & we pay to get the ring back to you! Overseas resizing is $9.95. To keep your rings shiny & get the most wear, we recommend AVOIDING wearing them in: a) rough bottom swimming pools b) heavily chlorinated swimming pools, hot tubs, mineral springs c) while cleaning with bleach products 14K Gold Filled has an average lifespan of 24 years following the above instructions Sterling Silver has an average lifespan of 410 years following the above instructions Swirl Thumb Ring Finger Simple Dainty - Minimalist -Gold -Silver -sterling