Race Medal Holder/Personalized Hanger/Custom Display/Running Medal/Gift For Runner/Wood Holder/Customization Avail

Race Medal Holder/Personalized Hanger/Custom Display/Running Medal/Gift For Runner/Wood Holder/Customization Avail
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Brand: Etsy - BoWinston
Color: Gray
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Display your medals on a decorative holder! Race medal holders & hangers are a wonderful gift for athletes! TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR MEDAL HOLDER TEXT, PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTIONS AT CHECKOUT. The first photos are mock up designs. I have included other photos of actual finished pieces, so you have an idea I’ve what the end outcome product will be. The Photoshop image may vary slightly from the finished product once it is on wood & sealed. Please note this before purchasing! VIEW MY ENTIRE MEDAL HANGER SELECTION HERE: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BoWinston?section_id=21570647 DIMENSIONS / PROCESS / ITEM DETAILS -Choose your dimension from drop down menu: - 12.5 x 5.5 - 18.25 x 9.25 -Please choose how many hooks you’d like from the drop down menu: You can choose 1 row of 8 hooks or 2 rows with 15 hooks total. Hooks are L shaped & medal ribbons fit nicely on them with little to no scrunching. -Image is mounted on lightweight pine & sealed with a protective coating. Images are 100% photoshopped, including the background, whether it is solid, textured, patterned or wood & printed on special paper. Pine is raw & has minor grooves, knots, etc. to preserve the rustic aesthetic. I like it this way & don’t attempt to change that. Back & sides are painted black. There are not drilled holes, but small tapped holes to indicate where included hooks are to be inserted. Two sturdy hangers on the back ensures the holder will secure to wall with little movement. -To avoid damage during shipping, I provide the hooks for customer installation. Once hooks are screwed in, you will have to bend & manipulate to align. Place a thin towel over hooks while screwing for best grip. It takes a bit of elbow grease to get them in, but it’s worth it! Bo Winston. All Rights Reserved. IMPORTANT: We have sold several thousands of our race medal hangers & we have had customers who have no issue getting the hooks in & some who say it is difficult. 1. CUSTOMER MUST INSERT HOOKS 2. WE DO NOT PUT THE HOOKS in PRIOR TO SHIPPING TO AVOID DAMAGE. 3. WE DO NOT PRE-DRILL HOLES. WE TAP AN INSERTION POINT INTO THE WOOD. 4. IT TAKE A LOT OF TWISTING TO GET THE HOOKS IN, SO IF YOUR HANDS GET TIRED, SCREW A COUPLE in & WALK AWAY, THEN COME BACK TO IT, IF IT IS TOO MUCH FOR YOU (I have to put the disclaimer in for those who find it too difficult. We cannot gage your ability to screw in hooks, so please do not purchase if you are unable to use elbow grease to get hooks inserted) 5. THE PAPER & WOOD WILL FLARE, BUT THE SPECIAL DISC ON THE HOOK COVERS THAT ONCE COMPLETELY INSERTED. 6. BEST HELPFUL HINTS FOR INSERTION: TAKE A REGUALAR SCREW THAT MATCHES THE THREADING SIZE OF THE HOOK. USE A SCREW DRIVER TO INSERT & REMOVE THAT HOOK TO CREATE A PATH FOR YOUR SCREW. PLACE A SOCK OR TOWEL OVER YOUR HAND TO SCREW IN. SLIGHT PUSH ON IT TO BEND & MANIPULATE STRAIGHT. MAKE SURE HOOK IS AS STRAIGHT AS POSSIBLE WHEN YOU ARE INSERTING IT, OTHERWISE YOU WILL DAMANGE THE BOARD. 7. IF YOU ARE NOT