Premium Leather Keychain - Custom Anchor Key Fob

Premium Leather Keychain - Custom Anchor Key Fob
Brand: Etsy - CharlesAndThatch
Color: Orange
Size: S
28.88 GBP
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Mini Keychain, Big Style You’ve heard the old saying: big things come in small packages. Our Standard Mini Keychain is no exception. For the keyholder that likes to keep things simple, our mini leather keychain boasts custom design & unmistakable artistry. Unlock Quality & Craftsmanship Just like their larger counterparts, our Standard Mini Keychains are built around a high-quality iron key ring, made with exceptional leather, & have options for personalization. To assemble these quality keychains, we fold the leather in half, then saddle stitch it by hand using braided thread for durability that’s undeniable. & if you’re looking for the perfect gift, this mini keychain can be personalized so it’s small but mighty impactful. Choose from two options for customization: either two debossed initials or one of our unique & exclusive designs. Unlike other leather goods companies, you won’t find any store-bought stamps on our accessories. We created our own custom letter stamps & designs to make sure the impressions are deep, bold, & precisely placed. The result is a beautiful & functional accessory that also makes a truly memorable gift. Features: Wickett & Craig English Bridle Leather: Founded in 1867, Wickett & Craig is a world premiere vegetable tannery. A labor-intensive method that requires skilled workers, veg-tanning is a natural, eco-friendly process that produces durable, exquisite leathers recognized for their depth of color & rich patina. Simply put our leathers not only endure but get better with age. Unmistakable Personalization: Bold & intentional, you won’t find our exclusive initials & icons anywhere else. Iron Key Ring: Strong & resilient, this ring won’t deform or remain open. Durably plated in brass or matte black. Recessed Stitching: Stitching channels engraved into the leather provide protection from abrasion, resulting in little to no wear on the thread, increasing the life of the keychain. Braided Polyester Thread: Super strong & abrasion resistant. Premium Leather Keychain - Custom Anchor Key Fob