Performance , Print Unique Watercolor , New York, Unique Artwork, Cloud Print, Decor, By Awarded Artist Melixah

Performance , Print Unique Watercolor , New York, Unique Artwork, Cloud Print, Decor, By Awarded Artist Melixah
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Color: Black
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Original print on sale from $50…25 This print is great decor for your table or wall Water colorNew York - Manhattan ,Parkslope original painted by awarded artist Melixah New York Ink pen-Watercolor artworks Ink pen& drawing charcoal art works New York series Art work name: Boards :Manhattan Location: PArkslope firstly Artist draw sketch with charcoal pencil - 2h & than he use inkpen after the this process he paint with dried watercolor. This art print photo makes by Feride Sultan & than redesign with photoshop finally he prints with canon pro photo machine . Items : This is a print of the original artwork , Photo paper print ,cloud print Canon Pixma Pro Frame detail: Display frame 16x20 framed white wooden clear Pvc Time :9 hours to painted About Artist Meliksah Soyturk is a modern topographic painter. He studied science education & Art. He opened 22 exhibitions in six different countries including Turkey, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, & the USA. With his contemporaries, he attracts the audience by the individuality & nature of his paintings, using black pencils, & technical pencils. He developed new art styles & he taught his methods to his students. Most of the awards he received was for his novel ideas & techniques in art education. He has been invited to give speeches at schools & universities. At his exhibitions & conferences, he also talked with the audience one on one to draw a short-term or long-term roadmaps for students for successful art training. His other lectures include Science & Art, & Leonardo da Vinci’s Unknowns. Soyturk believes that Art should help people become closer to goodness, & paintings should encourage societies to live in kindness & faith. By drawing with the only tool he needs, he not only creates works that are esthetically valuable, but also draws attention to successful sources for getting acquainted with the history, especially in Istanbul & New York. Currently, Soyturk lives in New York & is teaching his art techniques. His Exhibitions 2007, March, Izmit, TUR 2008, May, skdar Kitap Gemisi(Book Boat),Istanbul, TUR 2008, June,Taksi Metro Exhibition Hall (Sergi Salonu),Istanbul, TUR 2008, October, Bishkek Alatoo Universty, KGZ 2009, April,Los Angeles ATF ,Art fair, USA 2009, May Captol Mall Center art Gallery, Altunzade, TUR (Capitol Al Veri Merkezi) 2009, August, Kastamonu, Municipality, TUR 2010, November, The University of Kastamonu,TUR 2011, March-April,Turksh House, Berlin, GER 2011, June, Bosnia-Turkish Art Gallery, BIH 2012, November, TBmm, (Turkish Parliament), Ankara, TUR 2012, March - 4 April, Ankara Law Center Art Gallery, TUR 2012, April-May, The National Library of Belarus, BLR 2013, June, Kastamonu Barutcu Mall art Gallery, TUR 2013, September, Sarachane Istanbul ,TUR 2014, April, New York Flushing Town Hall,The USA 2014, April, Boston Turkish Culturel Center, The USA 2014, April, ANT Store,New Jersey, The USA 2014, April, New York NYIT galery 61,The USA 2016, February,