Never Too Soon For Spring, Vintage Pat Albeck The National Trust Scotland Linen Kitchen Tea Towel Thistle, Flower

Never Too Soon For Spring, Vintage Pat Albeck The National Trust Scotland Linen Kitchen Tea Towel Thistle, Flower
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Beautiful Pre Loved Vintage Pat Albeck for The National Trust for Scotland Linen Kitchen Tea Towel: THISTLE, Scotland National Flower. As you know by now…, I love vintage linens, previously loved & cared for pieces passing to new loving hands. Apparently, you do too!! The thread that seems to unify us is our interest for those coming before us & the items loved by them. As my interests & collections grow, I’m combining my love for Vintage linens & graphic arts, which brings me to the following. ABOUT: Textile designer Pat Albeck was born in Hull, a suburb of England. Judith Patricia Albeck was the youngest of the four daughters of Polish-Jewish emigrs Max & Sarah Albeck. The couple had arrived in Britain in 1910 from a village near Warsaw where Max’s father had been the local rabbi. Patricia, who died at age 87, was once labelled queen of the tea towel, & her talent saw her design ceramics, wallpaper, tableware, children’s book & a range of merchandise including those tea towels for the National Trust. Behind her huge, funky glasses & winsome smile was a woman who represented the epitome of the English craft world in a way that was both innocent & refreshing. Albeck worked literally until the end of her life. She sat on design committees & was an examiner for many art schools. Her archives are in the Victoria & Albert Museum. Her designs exuded a touch of Beatrix Potter, whether it was cats cooking with huge wooden spoons, or gardening & decorating. She created her famous cats tea towel for the National Trust in 1990. ABOUT THISTLE: Scotland’s national emblem for many centuries & one of the most well known symbols of Scotland. Often seen around both the highlands & the lowlands of Scotland, the prickly thistle has been used as a royal symbol of Scotland since the rule of James III in 1470 & is the oldest recorded ‘National Flower’. DESCRIPTION: Beautiful Pre Loved Vintage Pat Albeck, Designed for The National Trust for Scotland, Linen Kitchen Tea or topper. With mossy green frame, vanilla color background, & rows of simple THISTLE flowers. I love the color combination & the simplicity of the design. BTW, I love how all her towels include the graphic name…, this one… what else but THISTLE. Of approx. 18 1/3 x 29 1/4. CONDITION: EXCELLENT Pre Loved Vintage Condition. Although previously laundered, the fabric is THICK & CRISP linen, & the colors… soft but vivid. Priced accordingly. This item includes free USPS First Class Mail shipping. Let us know whether you have any questions. Please take a look at our other vintage items & textiles, including our large Vera Neumann collection (currently over 275 items in stock), & our own one-of-a-kind jewelry, designed, hand crafted & signed by SULAN. Bringing Back the Craftsmanship & Memories of Years Past…, With a Twist!! For travel findings & upcoming listing updates, you may follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram/old_and_new_with_a_twist_ Never Too Soon For Spring, Vintage Pat Albeck