MasterClass Roasting Pan with Rack, Two Piece Carving Set, Carving Board & Thermometer

MasterClass Roasting Pan with Rack, Two Piece Carving Set, Carving Board & Thermometer
Brand: MasterClass
Color: gray
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Roast poultry or larger joints of meat to perfection with the MasterClass Non-Stick Large Roasting Tin with Rack. With its commercial-grade carbon steel construction, special non-stick coating, and handy roasting rack, its a real kitchen must-have for anyone who loves proper Sunday roasts. With its removable non-stick roasting rack, it allows the heat of your oven to circulate efficiently around your roast. As a bonus, the rack also helps fat and juices drip out of the meat. This means you get a healthier result - or you can turn the collected juices into delicious gravy. Its bigger-than-average size and deep walls provide lots of room for roasting turkey, beef brisket or a leg of lamb (as well as tasty vegetables). This high quality carbon steel carving set features a carving fork with a built in retractable knife guard. Also including a 24cm carving knife with a ground plain cutting edge, full length tang stainless steel rivets to guarantee ease of use whilst carving. Enjoy greater control and less mess when carving meat for serving with the MasterClass carving board. It is studded with wooden spikes to keep your meat or poultry firmly in place as you carve. It also features a concave design to collect any meat juices, so you can use them to make full-flavoured gravies. This board is crafted from durable rubberwood, which makes it more than tough enough to withstand the rigours of regular use. Reversible - Carve on One Side, Chop on the Other If you flip this board over, you can use it to prepare the veg too. Make sure your roasts are just right with the MasterClass Wireless Stainless Steel Meat Thermometer. Theres no need for guesswork. Simply insert the stainless steel probe into your roast, and check the easy-to-read dial for an accurate temperature reading. Its the easy way to ensure meat is safely cooked and perfectly delicious.