Masterclass Crusty Bake Set Non-Stick Set

Masterclass Crusty Bake Set Non-Stick Set
Brand: MasterClass
Color: black,gray
44.99 GBP
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The MasterClass Crusty Bake range is designed to deliver perfection time and time again, soggy bottoms be gone!The tins and trays have tiny, perforated holes all over, allowing hot air to circulate and keep crusts, cookies or even chips crispy.The BPA-free Quantum II coating released food easily, no more bits stuck to the pan (which means no more scraping bis off them too).Included in the set is a 30cm (diameter) by 3cm (depth) flan/quiche tin, no matter what the filling is, sweet or savoury, the filling will be cooked evenly.If its frozen pizza for dinner the 32cm pizza tray is a must-have, its also ideal for baking bruschetta or warming flatbreads like naan.The 2lb/900g loaf tin (23x13x7cm) will deliver loaves with crispy golden crusts, but its also suitable for loaf cakes, or meat loaves. The baking/cookie tray (39x27x2cm) is a great all-rounder, perfect for crispier cookies and crumblier biscuits or even oven chips.