Kayaking Engraved Glass Block Money Box/Savings Box, With Personalised Engraved Message

Kayaking Engraved Glass Block Money Box/Savings Box, With Personalised Engraved Message
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Brand: Etsy - DmcEngravingsAndArt
Color: White
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This engraved glass block money box features an engraved kayaking scene on the front of the glass block, & has customisable text that can be put above the engraved design for a truly personal savings fund. The engraved design depicts both on shore equipment & kayakers in the water course. This would make for the perfect savings box for someone that loves kayaking or water based activities, & is wanting to save up for a new water sport item, like a new paddle. The decorative nature of the glass block money box means that it can be proudly left out on display, & could also be used for other purposes such as adding LED lights inside. The glass block money box comes with a removable plastic insert with a coin slot. The aperture on the glass block when removed is roughly 10cm/ 4cm, so is easy to get things back out of the money box. The lettering above the design can be personalised. Please enter your desired text in the section provided. Your message will be put above the design as shown in the images, & will be centered. The text may be scaled down to fit if required. Please include all punctuation & capitals as desired. If the requested lettering is unclear, I will get in contact via Etsy messaging to confirm before engraving. The design is permanently engraved into the surface of the glass by hand using a sandcarving method; where by every design is cut, manually worked on & engraved into the surface of the glass. Due to this the fine details of each glass may differ slightly to the pictures as of the handmade element. The design is Photoshoped onto the raw glass in the images, so may appear less white in person, & take on a frosted look. This engraving method allows for a very fine, even & flat engraving on the surface, that really catches the light & glows for a more impressive glass item. The glass block money box is roughly 14.5cm tall/ wide as a square, & 8cm deep. The item weighs roughly 1.4 KG. Hand wash the glasses only, & avoid thermal shock to the glasses as this may cause breakages. All of our glasses are engraved to order & dispatched when ready. Please refer to the delivery time estimate on Etsy. If you liked this item, why not check out other items in our shop at: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/DmcEngravingsAndArt Or check out these best sellers: Golf Engraved Whisky Tumbler www.etsy.com/uk/listing/962976695 Safari Gin Glass www.etsy.com/uk/listing/971877641 Kayaking tea light holders www.etsy.com/uk/listing/844883525 Wildflower Cylinder vase www.etsy.com/uk/listing/929584034 Kayaking Engraved Glass Block Money Box/Savings Box, With Personalised Engraved Message