Jaws Stickers - Premium 8 Pack Limited Edition Set

Jaws Stickers - Premium 8 Pack Limited Edition Set
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Brand: Etsy - OldMonstrosityShop
Color: Dark Blue
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More JAWS Stickers! These a true JAWS Geek stickers including; Aqualung inspired scuba tank stickers - I made these for a limited run of water bottles I was making, but now these are available to purchase separately for your waters bottles, coffee mugs, etc. (These are not official Aqua-lung stickers & are my own design inspired by the movies scuba tank). Clear vinyl sticker - works best on metallic or white surfaces. Hoopers Shark Cage - Inspired by a piece of wall art I designed (available in my store), No Hooper sticker set would be complete without a portable shower or monkey cage sticker. Clear vinyl sticker, works especially well on metallic or white surfaces. Aurora research sticker - The Research Vessel Aurora aka the floating asylum was a fictional vessel that Hooper was due to board following the events of JAWS & bridges with JAWS 2 where Ellen Brody briefly speaks to Hooper during his Aurora trip. Again, designed by myself I wanted to expand on the JAWS universe story a little bit with an official logo for the trip. The design was heavily inspired by a lot of the expedition patches of the 60’s & 70’s such as space exploration, oil industry logos & deep sea expeditions from Woodshole. Quints name tag sticker - The font used was created from scratch to perfectly match the name tag as seen on Quints green field jacket. Printed on clear vinyl. Chrissies Buoy - Another design I created using the actual prop measurements, details & colours. This design is also available on apparel in my store. Printed on clear vinyl. JAWS clapperboard - I created a 3D model digitally of the famous JAWS clapperboard. This design is available on other products in my store. Printed on clear vinyl. Neo Flasher sticker - Hoopers shark tracker! The small device that Hooper ties to the first barrel. Another unique design of mine based on a 3D digital model I created. Printed on holographic vinyl. 8-bit JAWS Pixel Art - Created using the 1987 JAWS video game as inspiration, this pixel graphic was created in photoshop & is available on other products in my store. Printed on Clear vinyl. With this set you can cover your laptop, your phone, your tablet, your skateboard, your car or anything else you want with uber geek levels of JAWSomeness. The stickers are die cut, waterproof & have UV protected coating. Designs copyright 2022 Old Monstrosity Shop. Jaws Stickers - Premium 8 Pack Limited Edition Set