Folding Digital Kitchen Scale with Thermometer and Bowl

Folding Digital Kitchen Scale with Thermometer and Bowl
Brand: MasterClass
Color: gray
Size: 13.0 H x 21.5 W cm
36.99 GBP
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The MasterClass digital scale with brass finish bowl combines functionality and elegance to make weighing out ingredients a more sumptuous experience. Capable of weighing both dry and wet ingredients up to 5kg/176fl oz/11lbs/5oz, the tare setting will allow you to weigh each ingredient individually as you add them, ideal for baking recipes.With its shimmering bowl, you wont want to hide these away in a cupboard!The MasterClass folding digital thermometer makes it easy to check your roast meat is cooked just right.The large LCD display allows you to check the temperature quickly, a temperature chart is included on the thermometer packaging.The folding probe is made from strong stainless steel, making it easy to pierce all meats and poultry, even thick-skinned roasts like pork joints.When youre finished the thermometer simply folds away, easy to store in a kitchen drawer.