English Tudor Z Scale Kit, & Other British 1220 Papercraft Building Designs [Printed & Shipped To You

English Tudor Z Scale Kit, & Other British 1220 Papercraft Building Designs [Printed & Shipped To You
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These are assorted papercraft Z scale 1:220 small-town Britain village structures, including some English Tudor styled architecture building designs, for use in miniature scenes. This is a variant of the recently released alternative scale (N scale, same designs but a bit larger) which I also have available. They’re not the same type of item as my other previous [painting] listings. Up until very recently the designs have been a bit in flux & some of the photos on this listing are not 100% reflective of the current improvements to, or variants of, the designs. This listing is for a PRINTED, & shipped set of papercraft designs on cardstock. There is a shipping fee as a result. But there’s also a URL sent to the buyer with a downloadable PDF equivalent of the printed content so you can print extra copies as needed. If you want only the digital version, that is a separate, cheaper item on this same Etsy shop. Why I made this unexpected set of designs: I was browsing for print products on Etsy to see what others were creating & realized that the market on Etsy for papercraft buildings was somewhat lacking in substantial, high-quality, & affordable collections - & was mostly devoid of European structures in particular. It was obvious that there was an underserved niche & I wanted to help fill it. I’d been making plans to do some other print products (art prints, art posters, & printed booklets) anyway so this isn’t too much of a stretch beyond that. I decided to spend a while making a few designs of my own & listing them here, making extensive sets of papercraft content, on the off-chance that sells well. Here’s my first collection of this type - modular English, British Tudor / 16th-17th-century architecture style buildings, houses, shops, plus add-on windows, chimneys, etc, that can be attached in various possible ways to the main paper models. All with photography-based textures. These should look fairly realistic, especially if assembled well. (For the purposes of all of these demo pictures, my assembly of the cardstock & my photography of the resulting scenes was admittedly a bit shoddy. I bet many of you will do better. Sorry about that.) So these are not ‘handmade artworks’ like the many original acrylic paintings I’m selling on this platform, they’re digitally textured 3d mesh files that I designed (3d modeled & essentially unfolded, digitally), including tabs added in Photoshop that I then tried using myself & confirmed should make sense & fit together nicely when assembling the paper models. You can make second variations of each model by mixing & matching & attaching all the smaller extra ‘bits’ in different ways each time. Just about every piece of geometry has a few alternate texture variants, so that you can really construct an entire town with this package alone, in which every single building is unique. I’ve included road & backdrop graphics too. If this goes at all well I will make more collections like this & will also make these N