Emu 6765 Knitting Pattern

Emu 6765 Knitting Pattern
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Brand: Etsy - DaleStratford
Color: Grey
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Emu, Pattern Number 6765. No size given for Dolls. When you purchase a vintage pattern from us it will come to you as a PDF File, this is a copy of the original Vintage Pattern (it is not the original pattern). If you want to see the approximate date of the original vintage pattern, you can find this by looking at the bottom of the pattern listing & there you will see the approximate date of this vintage pattern you will get a copy of; in RELATED TO THIS PATTERN With sending our patterns as PDF file & NOT BY POST it means more people can enjoy them more quickly as a PDF file, & you don’t have to pay a postage cost. We give in our listings only the details, sizes of item, what the garment is (Jumper, Cardigan etc.), who it’s for (child, adult etc.) if the pattern is a knitting or crochet pattern, there is a copy from the pattern instructions giving other details (needles sizes etc.) you can access this by clicking below the main picture there you see thumbnails click the one to look at, or you can access this by clicking on the arrows on either side of the main pattern picture. With our soft toys, doll, dolls clothing, & related items, we are not always able to do this but we give as much detail which you will see above. PLEASE BEFORE ORDERING PLEASE BE SURE YOU CAN OPEN AN EMAIL CONTAINING A PDF FILE. WE TRY TO SEND OUT ALL ORDERS WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAY. To download your pattern you will need a program such as Adobe or similar, some Photoshop programs can open PDF files. ALL OUR PATTERNS ARE VINTAGE, SOME OF WHICH ARE FROM THE 1940/1950’S, YOU CAN PURCHACE A PDF COPY FROM THE ORIGONAL PATTERN. We clean up all of our patterns to give you a pattern that you can read (we are going through our patterns all the time to clean them up even more for your enjoyment.) Remember our patterns are vintage & the printing process at present is much better than in the 1950s. We try to send you the original instructions as they appear in the original pattern. ALL OF OUR PATTERNS ARE SCANNED in & OUT FOR YOUR PRTECTION. We have two sites on Etsy they are: www.etsy.com/shop/DaleStratford plus, www.etsy.com/shop/LittleJohn2003. Could we invite to have a look at our other sites? Assuring you of our best service at all times. Emu 6765 Knitting Pattern