Elongated Hexagon Red Garnet 7.25Ct

Elongated Hexagon Red Garnet 7.25Ct
Categories: Photo editing, Editing
Brand: Etsy - EurekaArtistry
Color: Red
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Garnet is the birthstone for January & the gem for the second anniversary. This gem has a nice, rich red color & is large in size, measuring nearly 1 in length (~0.825) Measurements: approx. 21 x 9 x 4.5mm Faceting: Elongated Hexagon , step-cut Carat Weight: approx. 7.25ct Treatment: None Clarity: This gems has some minor natural inclusions visible in some of the imagery. It is noticeable under magnification but appears eye-clean when viewed without magnification. Cutter: The artist behind this gem is unknown Only one available Photography: Images were taken with an iPhone 12 mini using natural daylight for on-hand & images showing scale. Other images & video with white background were taken with the iPhone 12, using the Gem Lightbox Macro with a white or blue light. No photoshop or filters were used. Equipment Used: Smart Weigh Digital Scale Refractometer Polariscope Loupe and/or Microscope Leverage gauge Elongated Hexagon Red Garnet 7.25Ct