Custom Namokimods Skx Dive Watch - Create Your Own

Custom Namokimods Skx Dive Watch - Create Your Own
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Brand: Etsy - ExileWatchWorks
Color: Grey
Size: custom
343.88 GBP
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This is a custom build service - the watches in the listing are examples of previous custom builds! Please message me on Etsy to start the build process! The Process: > You provide me your email address & I give you access to the Customization Form > Inside the Customization Form, you will see a section for each part of the watch; use the blue hyperlinks to go to the NamokiMods site, where you’ll be able to see all compatible parts > Choose whichever part you’d like & copy the page URL > Paste the part’s URL in the Customization Form & type the color you’ve chosen > After you’ve filled out the entire form, I’ll verify all of the parts are compatible > I will then make a Photoshop render of what your watch will potentially look like > After seeing the render, you can make as many changes & request as many re-renders as necessary until you’re completely satisfied with the build > Once you’re happy with your build, we can talk prices! You get to choose the following for your custom build: > Case: pick the color of your case (silver, black, gold, etc.) & the shape (SKx, 5Kx, Tuna, etc.) > Caseback: the back of the case that can include a window to see your timepiece’s movement > Movement: the watch mechanism itself (I use exclusively automatic NH35A / NH36A movements, depending on if you want a day/date or date window) > Dial: pick the watch face/dial (NamokiMods has many unique, custom dials!) > Hands: choose the color & shape of the watch hands > Bezel & Bezel Insert: the rotating ring on the outside of the watch & the insert that often has either hour or minute markings > Crown: the winding knob used to set the time & date, as well as power the watch manually > Sapphire: also known as the crystal or glass of the watch > Chapter Ring: the internal ring that sits between the dial & the bezel Price varies depending on the parts you choose for your one-of-a-kind watch! If you place an order without contacting me, your order will be cancelled & you will be refunded. I also have a few options for non-SKx007 builds: > SKx013 cases (smaller in diameter than the SKx007, for people with smaller wrists) > SRP Turtle cases > Bell & Ross square cases > SRP Tuna cases > Patek Nautilus cases Custom Namokimods Skx Dive Watch - Create Your Own