Custom Graduation Portrait, Special Gift, Illustration, Unique Greetings Card, Illustrator

Custom Graduation Portrait, Special Gift, Illustration, Unique Greetings Card, Illustrator
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Welcome to QBN Studios We are digital illustrators/artists. We focus on character designs & children’s book illustrations. The illustrations on this listing are some examples of our work. Our art style is to create artwork with harmonic color schemes that evoke feelings of whimsy & wanderlust. We create access for my audience to tumble headfirst into imaginary worlds. With people, anthropomorphized creatures, & inanimate objects as our character subjects. We try to capture the essence of archetypes for our audience to relate to. Digital media provides us with a fluid canvas & diverse tools to suit the project at hand. We are able to uniquely cater my style to many mediums within the Adobe Creative Suite, Procreate, & our pen display tablets. We make art because we are compelled to create it. We are happiest when we are bringing life to new ideas. WHAT YOU WILL GET WHEN WORKING WITH US? We will uniquely create illustrations based on your idea, project, or original custom gift for people you love such as custom cards, T-shirts, mugs, & custom wall arts. We will provide you high-resolution digital files in any sizes you would like (up to 15x15 inches) so that you could download & print it as many times as you wish. If you would like to place a custom order or ask any question, feel free to send us an Etsy message & describe your project. Or You can also email us at [] Full Page & Spread include the design of 2 characters, all additional need to be ordered separately, unless there are for example: 10 Full page illustrations, each after the first would allow for an additional character design, so this could be up to 11 characters. To see more of our work: Our Instagram: STEP-BY-STEP-PROCESS: 1. when placing an order, you will need to decide what types of illustrations you would like for your children’s book or your project. You have 3 main options: - Spot illustration: A spot illustration is a basic illustration that stands on its own, with only one or two characters, & up to three objects. For example Two witches with a cauldron, fire under the cauldron, with no background. You could choose to have several Spot Illustrations per page. - Full-page illustration: A full-page illustration is an illustration that has objects & a background that takes up a full page of your book. - Spread illustration: A two-page spread is an illustration that has objects & a detailed background. A Spread illustration takes up two pages. This is our most popular among children’s books. You can find this type in almost any children’s book. 2. After you place an order on Etsy, we will work on the main characters until you are satisfied with how they look. Notice: Any changing for how the main characters look like must be made at this point. 3. After the main characters completed, we will move on to illustrate scenes/pages. After the first draft, we send you for each page, you will make a decision if you want