Crazy Lace Agate | Tumbled

Crazy Lace Agate | Tumbled
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Color: Dark Olive
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Crazy Lace Agate (a.k.a. Mexican Agate, Laughter Stone, Happy Lace): Found exclusively within the area known as Chihuahua, in Northern Mexico. Crazy Lace Agate is a variety of banded Chalcedony (microcrystalline quartz) that’s infused with iron & aluminum & is often brightly colored & complexly patterned. Crazy Lace Agate is associated with sunny Mexican fiestas & dancing & is a great balancing & protection stone that is believed to ward off the evil eye,, help absorb emotional pain & bring joy & optimism into one’s life. It’s also a stone of balance, stability, support, encouragement, maturity, mental agility, focus & concentration, helping one to stay on task, make difficult decisions, & complete goals much easier. It is also known to help treat skin & heart disorders & help one to overcome the fear of spiders & crawling insects. Chakras: Solar, Sacral, Root. The All Remaining Stones purchase option is for all remaining Crazy Lace Agate (Tumbled) stones shown in this listing that are still available for purchase. Please Note: Rulers are shown in most product pictures as size reference. Please refer to these photos prior to making your purchase. All sales are final. Disclaimer: Although crystals & stones have been used historically, to relieve and/or prevent symptoms & can support your energetic well-being, this does not mean they can treat, cure or prevent a disease or illness. Crystals can be used as part of a holistic treatment plan & a complement to other traditional therapies & should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment. Please consult your Health Care Professional for information on health care issues & do not stop any medications or courses of treatment, without first consulting your Health Care Provider. The information we provide regarding our crystals & stones (posted on our website, online & in our shop) comes from our own experiences, & the research of information provided by well-known crystal experts, articles, books, etc. The items we sell or recommend offer no guarantee of results. Any information relating to the crystals & stones stated on (and purchased from) Light Source Within, should be received & understood in the above context. Crazy Lace Agate | Tumbled