Art Glass Leaf Sculpture For Outdoor Botanical Garden Yard Lawn Decor

Art Glass Leaf Sculpture For Outdoor Botanical Garden Yard Lawn Decor
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Brand: Etsy - ChinaStrangeGlass
Color: Blue
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I insist on hand-made, do not rely on machines.Only in this way can the glass have a soul. Peter This is private custom-made glass art.Color as pictured. Made to Order.If you would like to customise your order, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you have special requirements(color,quantity or shape).Pls let us konw. We can customized them according to your design. Specications: One set of 7 pcs leaves & 1 pc ballShapes vary,Approx tall ranges from 23 inches to 43 inches,Ball dia 15 iinches Material: All of my work is made using glass that will not fade,Natural mineral formula,eco-friendly materials, not the color sprayed on surface,no pungent smell, healthy & environmental protection. It will not cause environmental pollution.It will not cause pollution to water source & soil. Packaging: For the sustainability of the earth, my buffer packaging is made of recycled materials. It may not be as bright as new materials, but it can reduce the consumption of resources. The outer box is made of leftover materials from furniture manufacturing,avoiding the waste of trees. Installation: The sculpture have a hole in the bottom & are placed on a metal rod., half placed in the soil & half out.When you don’t like a display effect, you can change the position of the sculpture at will, & it will show another effect. Application: You can place these lawn ornaments anywhere or as water feature,but also as garden party supplies or a great birthday/holiday present to your friends & family.the glass is very solid , They are waterproof. Can withstand rain, freeze or shine.If as water feature,Pls contact me.I will give you the installation plan.As a pond waterscape, this effect is very amazing. Please Notice: All the pictures & video were taken by mobile phone without professional photography & photoshop,I’m not professional in photography,Pictures & videos are not professional. Since every glass sculpture installation is individually crafted, no two are exactly alike, each glass sculpture is unique & beautiful in its own way, the effect of each set is different after installation, You can use your imagination to change the position of the sculpture at will.Subject to the effect after actual installation, & each set is unique. Each item was purely handmade, so there will be slightly difference in shape, weight & color details from the picture,which made each craft unique. Pure hand-made can not be avoided bubbles, impurity & tool mark,this is not a defective. After-Sale Guarantee: We do accept returns & issue refunds if items are not as described, or if they arrive damaged. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, YIJIN STUDIO Art Glass Leaf Sculpture For Outdoor Botanical Garden Yard Lawn Decor