8x10'' Vintage Botanical Prints Set Of 8 Poster Wildflower Print Flower Art Neutral Decor

8x10'' Vintage Botanical Prints Set Of 8 Poster Wildflower Print Flower Art Neutral Decor
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A SET OF EIGHT 8x10’’ VINTAGE BOTANICAL PRINTS - DIGITALLY RESTORED ANTIQUE BOOK PAGES (NOT ORIGINALS) This listing is for unframed prints. Framed pictures are shown for illustrative purposes only. Each print in this set measures 8x10 inches / 20.32 x 25.4 cm. Printed in a professional photo lab on high quality photo paper with archival inks. Fantastic overall quality & so much detail - vintage style art at its absolute finest! These are not original book pages but reproductions. Images had been scanned from an old book ‘‘Harper’s Guide to Wild Flowers’’ (originally published in 1912). I have altered them in Photoshop by digitally restoring & skilfully enhancing them by removing imperfections in the paper & by applying a neutral grey/beige (some would call it ‘‘oatmeal’’), slightly antique-ed around the edges background - but these artworks remain true to the original. Vintage illustrations are a simple & effective way to add an old-world charm, interest, warmth & character to your home interior. When displayed on a wall, side table, mantelpiece or shelf they become statement pieces & create an immediate focal point of any room as they display beautifully & complement many decor styles from traditional to more eclectic, following the notion that personal happiness can be improved through a beautiful home environment, healthy lifestyle & engagement with history & nature. I select images for my sets very carefully, to ensure they make an aesthetically pleasing, harmonizing assemblage. FRAMING Prints that I sell are NOT mounted or framed, so you are able to choose your own frames to suit your own taste & decor. There is a huge choice of 8x10 inches frames available to purchase online & in the shops, as this is one of the most popular standard frame sizes in the UK & the US. in the UK, I personally love shopping for frames in The Range online shop (this shop ships items within the UK only). There are some really nice frames that are extremely budget-friendly to buy, & they don’t look cheap or tacky, like these ‘‘Woodland’’ ones, for example: https://www.therange.co.uk/home-furnishings/picture-frames-and-wall-art/picture-frames/single-frames/textured-woodland-frame/#179838 ‘‘Maison’’ frames from The Range are also great, they are beautifully designed with an aged wood appearance. These frames blend seamlessly with rustic or shabby chic or neutral home decor: https://www.therange.co.uk/home-furnishings/picture-frames-and-wall-art/picture-frames/single-frames/maison-antique-frame/#188945 in the US, I have come across some really nice frames in Wallmart online shop: https://www.walmart.com/browse/home/picture-frames-by-size/4044_133012_672579_7090765?cat_id=4044_133012_672579_7090765_7969964&page=1&sort=price_low in the US, you can also find some really nice & inexpensive frames for these 8x10’’ prints in IKEA. They would fit 12x16 frames - to be used with mat, as mat opening for these frames is 7x9’’.