68cm H x 56cm W Steel Outdoor Fire Pit

68cm H x 56cm W Steel Outdoor Fire Pit
Brand: Blumfeldt
Color: black,brown,gray
Size: 68.0 H x 56.0 W x 60.0 D cm
339.99 GBP
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The fireball is a fire bowl designed in Berlin, which brings real campfire romance to your home. The highlight of the fireball is the variable uses: you can, with horizontal alignment, light a classic campfire in the garden or align the hemisphere diagonally and thus enjoy the play of flames in your new fireplace on the terrace. No matter which uses your heart burns for, the fireball brings relaxation, cosiness and a touch of romance into your home with its iconic design. The fire bowl and its flame dance let you relax and unwind after a busy day. In addition, your fire is protected from the wind by the diagonal use of the hemisphere and you can enjoy the cosy warmth even more. Even without hot effects, the fireball by is an eye-catcher. The black bowl and the silver-coloured base are high-quality and well-made. With its 2 mm thick steel wall, the fireball is very robust. The three legs of the base prevent it from tipping over and ensure a safe stand in your garden or on your terrace. The included rain cover protects your new favourite fire bowl from wind and weather. Its design and the ash grate ensure a clean and safe burning of the fuel. If your charcoal or logs run out of breath, you can get them blazing again with a little push using the included poker. With the fireball fire bowl, cosy hours outdoors with friends and family are pre-programmed.