50 Medium Size Rough Chips Labelled Baggies. Free Can/ Us Tracked Shipping

50 Medium Size Rough Chips Labelled Baggies. Free Can/ Us Tracked Shipping
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Brand: Etsy - CrystalWoodBlessings
Color: Rainbow
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This listing is for 50 20 gram baggies of our medium chips. You will receive one 20 gram baggie of each crystal & also receive free Canada or US tracked shipping. These chips have all been created by me from larger rough material, then briefly tumble washed in plant based soap & well water, so the chips are clean & dust free. These chips otherwise remain in a rough & unpolished state. Cover photos shows the chips in tealight candle holders. All chips are 100% authentic & natural, free of any dyes or other material. There may however be a rogue chip of some other kind from time to time. Photo #10 shows a sample set of four 20 gram baggies (size small chips here) all labelled for easy identification. in addition to the photos above, the entire list of 50 that you will receive is below & in the same order & grouping as the photo set. I’ve tried to show chip size as best as I can. If you have any questions about the chips, please dont hesitate to contact me. All baggies are labelled for easy identification (see last photo). These chips have passed through an 8mm screen but not a 4.75 mm screen. The ruler in the photos is for a size reference. I also have larger & smaller size chips available in nearly every one of these crystals. Most are listed elsewhere in my shop in 75 gram bags. I have created a photo gallery containing separate albums of all the chips with three photos of each chip size to help give you a better idea of their size. You can check it out here: https://lightroom.adobe.com/gallery/780f9e226bf04564b1d4bf02fe2853bc Chips currently available: Amazonite Amethyst Angelite-NEW! Apatite Blue Calcite Carnelian Chrysocolla Citrine Clear Quartz Crazy Lace Agate Fire Agate Fire Quartz Fluorite Green Aventurine Green Calcite Green Opal-NEW! Howlite Iolite Jasper Mix Labradorite Lapis Lazuli Lemon Quartz Lepidolite Morganite Moss/Tree Agate Obsidian Onyx Orange Calcite Pastel/Pink Jasper Peach Aventurine Peach Moonstone Petrified Wood Rainbow (white) Moonstone Red Calcite Red Jasper Rhodonite Rose Quartz Rubellite Serpentine Smokey Quartz Sodalite Sunstone Thulite-NEW! Tigers Eye Tourmaline Unakite White Quartz Yellow Calcite Yellow Opal Zoisite/ Ruby Photo of four sample labelled baggies CANADA - GST/HST included in prices. Provincial tax, where applicable, is added at checkout. UNITED STATES - taxes included at checkout. 50 Medium Size Rough Chips Labelled Baggies. Free Can/ Us Tracked Shipping