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Photoshop Tutorials


Welcome to our  Photoshop tutorials for beginners. Most of you working on websites and with images and graphics have heard of Photoshop, you might even have tried it. For some, it is the answer to all things graphic; for others, it is a confusing nightmare. We are here to help the second group!

Who We Are!

Photoshop Tutorials

We are a small team of experienced Photoshop users and have helped out a few beginners in our time. We met up at an online forum and found ourselves discussing new users. Keeping a long story short, we decided to address some of the issues in this Photoshop tutorials site.

Having been around long enough we decided not to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, but use available sources that we have found well-presented and informative. That includes YouTube Photoshop tutorial videos along with our own experiences and info on the subjects.

Photoshop Tutorials

What We Cover In Our Photoshop Tutorials

Easy answer – the basics, at first at least. If the interest is there, then we can progress together to further levels. If you are an experienced user and want to contribute, you are more than welcome, but this is a Photoshop tutorial site, not an open forum. We thought we would add in some 1-minute Photoshop tutorials, for easy learning, let us know what you think.

We will also look at some of the questions we get asked like, Photoshop tutorials how to remove backgrounds? An essential skill when placing images on a website. Another popular question is, how to resize an image on Photoshop which we will also take a look at. Along with tiled background, glass effects, drop shadows, texture wrapping and much more!

Photoshop Tutorials - Step-By-Step

Photoshop Tutorials -step by step

We have discovered a lot of would-be Photoshop users jump right in. The problem with doing that is you can sink if you don’t know the basics. Like in most things learning a skill takes time. Do not expect 1-minute Photoshop tutorials to make you an expert that is not what we are about.

Our Photoshop Tutorials are about laying the foundations for you to use Photoshop to its full capacity, but that can take time. You can view hundreds, if not thousands of Photoshop tutorials online, but knowing where to start is not always easy. People tend to look for what it is they are trying to do, ok that makes sense, but you can them open a relevant tutorial and discover you really don’t understand what they are talking about as you have by-passed the basics.


Quick Background To Photoshop

Originally Photoshop was, and is still, known as Adobe Photoshop, it came in 13 versions, with considerable changes from the initial version. You could buy these version with a one-off payment and obtain a single license. Then came Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite, CS. Now we have Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud, with lots of features which is available with a monthly fee. The Adobe Photoshop CC is a progressive software package for image editors that lets users share projects on social media.


Photoshop Tutorials

Which Version Should I Start With?

Photoshop Tutorials

The next most asked question we get! Photoshop is not cheap; it is the tool professionals use because it is a 5* standard photo-editing tool and well worth their investment. For beginners, we would recommend Photoshop CS (1) version if you are thinking of buying your own. Of course, if you are using one within a company, you won’t have a choice, but the top tips we share on this website and our Handson blog will help you gain the basics to apply to any version of Photoshop.