Vintage Future - Telekinesis

Vintage Future - Telekinesis
Categories: Photo editing, Editing
Brand: Etsy - AaronJSotoDesigns
Color: Red
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This Bioshock inspired illustrated vintage-style art print is 18 x 24 & printed on thick 140# velvet rag fine art paper. A smaller variation is also sold at 13 x 19 on a thick matte paper. Welcome to an alternative past where advertising was dominated by futuristic scientific advancement coupled with a good old fashioned art style. This is the first in a series of vintage future themed art prints. Capturing the advertising style of the 50’s-60’s, these prints will be great to showcase in a home, apartment, or studio. Produced using a myriad of Photoshop brushes, textures, techniques, & mind powers to display the greatest amount of detail. Sit back, hover over your favorite drink & don’t suspend your disbelief. There’s no better time than now to BECOME SUPERIOR! Vintage Future - Telekinesis