Flower #1

Flower #1
Categories: Photo editing, Editing
Brand: Etsy - CMAYARTinATL
Color: Blue
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This is a limited edition (25) cyanotype, yet each piece is unique. Each print has had the photographic emulsion hand-painted onto the BFK Rives paper. The images are the same, but the edges on each image, where the hand application can be seen, are all different. The artist’s hand, while usually hidden in photography is on display in the edges of these images - this is no Photoshop plugin. The images in this series are a different take on the classic photo of a flower on a white background. Here the image has been printed as a negative to make the flowers light & the background dark. This reversal changes the images of the flowers enough to make people stop & look at these images. The paper size is 11x15 & the images are 8x10. Flower #1